Itty Bitty Prettys - Big Tea Cup (30202)

Itty Bitty Prettys - Big Tea Cup (30202)
Categories: Camping, Gear
Brand: Itty Bitty Prettys
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You’re invited to the ultimate tea party! Stir open your giant teacup playset to find everything you need to host the most epic tea party, with over 25 surprises inside! Unbox your Itty Bitty Prettys teacup playset to find the magic inside! Dissolve your teabag to find your Itty Bitty Pretty’s stylish outfit and shoes. Watch the sparkling cube fizz and reveal even more funky accessories! Set up your tea party table with so many accessories and fun tea party essentials. There is so much value in one giant teacup with 13 Itty Bitty Pretty dolls you can collect!PACK INCLUDES:1 Giant Expandable Teacup Playset2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pretty Dolls1 Convertible Table Top1 Teapot1 Teacup1 Spoon1 Hairbrush2 Saucers/Doll Stands2 Magic Teabags2 Fizzing Cubes2 Swappable Outfits2 Sets Stylish Accessories (including shoes, jewellery & eyewear and more)3 Packets Cotton Candy Dough: 3.0g(0.11oz) each1 Mini Teapot2 Mini Teacups1 Set Tableware2 Sets Treat Decorations2 Surprise Itty Bitty Pets1 Collector’s Guide