Ismartgate - Garage kit lite

Ismartgate - Garage kit lite
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Ismartgate Garage kit liteiSmartgate OptionsThe Lite version can only control one garage door, select the Pro version if you want to control two or three. The ISmartgate app can be used to control several garage doors or gates.Control the garage with your voice and Apple HomeKitControl your Ismartgate with your voice and an iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, iPad or almost any Apple device.OpenOpen your garage door by simply saying “Hey Siri, open garage door” from your iPhone or any other Apple device.CloseAsk one of your Apple devices to close your garage with this simple “Hey Siri, close the garage door” command.Check the statusThanks to the ismartgate sensors, you can ask Siri about the status of your door at any time.Check the garage with your voice and Google AssistantOpenOpen your garage door by simply asking Google Assistant: “Ok Google, open my garage doorCloseUse any Android device to close your garage door with Google Assistant by simply saying “Ok Google, close my garage door”.Check the statusThanks to the ismartgate sensors, you can ask Google Assistant about the status of your door at any time.Works with IFTTT and amazon alexaIFTTT (If This Than That) lets you easily connect your ismartgate to various connected devices and services for full home automation. Create multiple recipes all from one app. FREE.With iFTTT, you can connect your ismartgate to Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to enjoy voice commands.Add videoYou can also integrate the video stream from your existing IP camera and monitor what’s happening, including recorded calendar events.Managing usersShare and manage access to your property remotely. Keep track of all users and events.MultiplatformOpen and close the garage from your phone, tablet, computer, Apple Watch (TBA) and even home speakers.Features:Control the garage with your voiceWorks with IFTTT and amazon alexaAdd videoManaging usersMultiplatformPower supplyEAN: 8437019447465 / iSG-02WNS102