Globe Decanter Set (04976)

Globe Decanter Set (04976)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Always wanted to get a taste of the luxury life? With this beautiful Globe Decanter and matching Globe glasses set you will enhance the room luxuriously. Unlike ordinary decanters, this Globe Decanter is a handcrafted work of art, the hand-blown glass features a world map with a ship inside. The glass rests on a wooden custom-designed crescent shaped standard, allowing the decanter to be smoothly rotated to display the map. This product looks great when filled, but also when empty. The Globe Decanter is not just for display, it’s large enough for 850 ml of your favourite drink and comes with a glass and rubber stopper to ensure an air-tight freshness seal. Because of its beautiful design, this Globe Decanter will be a great gift for almost anyone that enjoys as drink and will make a great conversation piece in any room.Material: Glass, WoodDimensions product: 21 cm high (assembled), 8 x Ø8.5 cm (glass), Ø13 cm (globe)