Global - Sharpening Steel G-91/SB (17391)

Global - Sharpening Steel G-91/SB (17391)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Global
Size: One Size
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Global Sharpening Steel G-91/SBSharpness is alfa and omega for enjoying working with your knives. The knife sharpener G-91/SB from Global is angled, so it perfectly matches the recommendations for sharpening Japanese knives. User manual: Fill the compartment up with water. That rinses the stones and prevents the metal from overheating. Pull the knife blade back and forth vertically through the white stone 7-8 times. Repeat in the pink stone, and then wash the knife by hand. The sharpener can be used for all types of knives with a smooth blade. Useful information about Global Sharpening Steel G-91/SBSize: 22 cm Material: Plastic and ceramics