Geminose: Animal Popstars

Geminose: Animal Popstars
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Majesco Entertainment
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Collect 10 animal musicians from around the world and form your own hit bandOver 30 musical instruments to master20 original songs with hundreds of ways to rearrange themAttract 45 ultra-cute mashup super fans via Geminose dance-offsPlay through story mode with Nimmy and Smudge managing your chosen band, or choose free play mode for endless hours of funBuild and customize your mansion with hundreds of decorative items to choose from and interact with, in any roomTake your band on a world tour to unlock additional songs, outfits, and decor to deck out your mansionUnlock the mansion kitchen and cook recipes from around the worldPlay a variety of mini-games when on a break from your tourChallenge your friends in local 2-player mode using full Joy-con control