Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros
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Brand: Nintendo
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Are you ready to shed a little nostalgia tear?If you were born before the 1980s, you probably remember the original Game & Watch systems. These were small machines that acted as a clock and contained a fun game such as Super Mario Bros or The Lost Levels. If we turn the clock back 40 years, it was one of the hottest items. Now Nintendo has embraced the nostalgic sensations with a brand new and handheld console. For good reasons, the console has been dubbed Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. It contains the original Super Mario Bros., where you have to lead the chubby plumber over bottomless holes, through green pipes and past Goombas. The tight gameplay is back and you can both play solo or two-player with a friend.The console comes with 2 games. 3 in fact.Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. contains the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, released as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan. The console also comes with its very own Mario version of Ball, which was a classic game on the original Game & Watch consoles back in the 80s.Classic design meets modern technologyGame and Watch: Super Mario Bros. sticks to the classic lines. Both colors, shapes and buttons immediately pull you back in time, but the console has received a serious upgrade. It lands with an LCD screen, and the battery compartment is replaced with USB-C charging. When not playing, you can use the console as a retro clock on the nightstand or your gaming shelf. Be the way.Can you find the infamous Easter Egg that Nintendo has included? Uhhh.