Funktion - Fondue Set (148058)

Funktion - Fondue Set (148058)
Categories: Golf, Camping, Clubs, Survival
Brand: Funktion
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The fondue set from Funktion is made of cast iron and has 10 parts. It is 15 cm in diameter and comes with burner, pot, holder and 6 forks in black plastic with colour indicators, so you can easily recognize your fork. Invite family or friends for one of the 90’s biggest food hits. This is food that cannot be finished in 10 minutes, and you will see that your guests can sit for several hours and have a lovely talk, while the food is enjoyed in low tempo.NOTE: Cast iron should be completely dry before it is stowed away. Also on the bottom and around the handles. The smallest amount of moisture can lead to rusting and can destroy the pot.Useful information about Funktion FondueSize: Dia: 15 cm Material: Iron Cast 10 partsNot suitable for dishwasher