Fudge - Fullhed Xpander Jelly 75 g

Fudge - Fullhed Xpander Jelly 75 g
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Fudge Professional
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This Fullhed Xpander Jelly from Fudge is a wax for fine hair that gives your hair volume and works with the hair’s natural structure. This wax is ideal for short hair, as the lightweight and flexible form is very easy to work with. The wax can be used in dry and in towel-dried hair. Additionally, you can use the wax before styling with for example iron to get the full benefit of fiber technology.Application:Apply in dry or towel-dried hairStyle as desiredThe wax can be applied in damp hair and applied again in dry hair for maximum fullnessBenefits:Fullhed Xpander Jelly from FudgeWax to fine hairFlexible waxEasy holdSuitable for short hairFree of parabensCan also be used in colored hair