Fo-Ti Root Extract, 1000mg - 100 caps

Fo-Ti Root Extract, 1000mg - 100 caps
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Brand: Haya Labs
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Fo-Ti Root Extract is a food supplement which stimulates the immune system, prevents and fights early signs of aging and does miracles for skin and hair. Based on an extract from Fo-Ti plant, it serves as a powerful regenerator and health booster. Benefits: Stimulates hair growth Strengthens the muscles Fights high cholesterol Prevents and fights gray hair Positive effect on insomnia Boosts the immune system Improves kidney function Helps with fertility issues Stimulates blood flow Anti-inflammatory properties Reduces stress levels Improves brain function Originally coming from China, Fo-Ti has found wide usage in healthcare and cosmetic industry. Best known for its anti-age effect, the herb has many more unique healing properties. The legend, surrounding Fo-Ti, says that the man, who found it by accident and started using it as a medicine, lived to see his 160th birthday in perfect health. Fo-Ti Root Extract from Haya Labs contains extract from the roots of Fo-Ti, it comes in a practical packaging and easy to digest capsules. The studies on this remarkable plant continue to this day, but it is believed that the regular intake stimulates the production of superoxide dismutase, a powerful antioxidant, linked to DNA repair and longevity. Fo-Ti is also rich in zinc and iron and has a distinct harmonizing effect on the hormonal production within the body. Due to its positive effect on hair growth and skin treatment, the herb is often used as an ingredient in beauty products.