Fiskars - Splitting Axe X11

Fiskars - Splitting Axe X11
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Brand: Fiskars
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Fiskars Splitting Axe X11 is designed for splitting small logs and chopping firewood. It does so thanks to its 35 degree convex cutting bevel angle which correlates to splitting axes and the task of splitting wood. The convex shape strengthens the edge to make it less sensitive to fracture and ensures long durable performance. As with other axes in the Fiskars range, this tool has the perfect balance between the head and shaft for safe, comfortable and efficient use. The ultra light and durable FiberComp™ handle minimises fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable. The head is built into the shaft like a tomahawk making it virtually inseparable even under heavy usage. The axe’s optimal anti shock surface structure ensures a comfortable, firm grip while the hooked end of the handle prevents the axe from slipping. This axe comes with a plastic sheath for easy carrying and storage. If you are looking for a logging axe specially designed for forestry work, look no further.