Extra Select Biscuit Medley Bucket 1 Litre

Extra Select Biscuit Medley Bucket 1 Litre
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Brand: Wowcamping
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Extra Select Biscuit Medley are tempting, tasty, biscuit treats for your favorite pooch. Tried and tested, each biscuit comes with its own flavour, texture, size and look making them sooo very appealing. Ideal as a reward and for training. Ingredients: Cereals (Wheat, Corn, Rice); Glucose (7,6%); Oils & Fats; Meat & Animal by-products; Minerals; Vegetables; Seaweed; Seeds, Colouring; Aroma; Thickener; Acidity Regulator; Emulsifier. Analysis: Crude protein 9,6%; Crude Fat 6,0%; Crude Ash 3,6%; Crude Fibre 1,0%; Sodium 0,5%