Euro Truck Simulator 2: Beyond the Baltic Sea

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Beyond the Baltic Sea
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Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion will include the the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and also south of Finland and parts of Russia including Russia’s second largest city Saint Petersburg.Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a vast improvement over the previous game. Weather, light, environments, trucks etc are much more detailed and realistic. As you go down a highway you will see the light dimming as evening approaches and you will see the weather conditions play a major part.Whether north, south, east or west - wherever needed in Europe, machinery or other goods, as is also in Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be delivered. Take to the successor to the popular Euro Truck Simulator in the streets of European cities in more than 60 different tractors and become a king on Europe’s roads!Take control of your own faithful tractors of various producers, cruise the streets of Europe varied, always paying attention to your fragile cargo and always keep it in your schedule. Make more and more employees and buy more trucks to move up to respectable businessman and your forwarding further. If you head to your own personal shipping and earn a fortune! Take advantage of the extensive workshop a variety of tuning possibilities with original accessories, such as engines, headlights, body kits and much more to improve your truck as you like and you like it. Discover in “Euro Truck Simulator 2”, the different aspects and sides of the truck industry, and experience what it is, a true-truck drivers to be on Europe-wide road!More than 60 Cities set over Europe!Customise your truck and tune its performance with new engines, body kits and more!Maintain your own transport company, hire and fire staff and accept contracts!Drive licensed trucks from a selection of different manufacturers!