Electrolux - Refine Steamer E6HS1-2EG

Electrolux - Refine Steamer E6HS1-2EG
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: Electrolux
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Fixes wrinkled clothes in a snapElectrolux Refine Steamer E6HS1-2EG is the steamer, which ensures that your outfit is always on point without any hassle with an iron or ironing board. You just fill the removable water tank, steam your clothes directly on the hanger and 20 seconds later it is rid of all the wrinkles and folds. It is effective on all types of fabric and gives the clothes a freshness that can replace normal washing for an evening if you have to be out the door and show off your beautiful wrinkle-free result.Wrinkle-free clothes in 20 seconds with efficient steamer.Steam your clothes directly on the hanger - ironing board not necessary.Refreshing and can replace normal washing if you’re in a hurry.Removable water tank for easy filling and handling.Can be used on all types of fabric.Supplied brush accessory effectively cleans stronger fabrics, such as denim.Suitable for fabric curtains.Measurements: (H) 320 x (W) 125 x (D) 190 mm.Water tank capacity: 0.1 l.Cable length: 3 m.1200 watts.