Diamond Decanter (04521)

Diamond Decanter (04521)
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Brand: Mikamax
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Surprise your friends and loved ones with the unique Diamond Decanter. It’s not only a beautifully crafted decanter, but it’s also a piece of art and a conversation starter. Both the decanter and the stopper are made of 100% glass. This preserves the authentic taste of your whiskey or bourbon. This unique decanter that holds up to 850 ml, is made with ultra-clear glass that’s lightweight and durable. The Decanter comes with a luxurious solid red oak base which is handcrafted by skilled carpenters. The glass stopper ensures an airtight seal so your liquor will be will preserved. Pouring your favourite drink from the Diamond Decanter will make the drink even more enjoyable. It makes a great gift, if you’re willing to give it away!Airtight seal to preserve the tasteVolume: 850 mlDimensions product: 14 x 14 x 24