Dead Rising Classic

Dead Rising Classic
Categories: Golf, Clubs
Brand: CapCom
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“Dead Rising follows the harrowing tale of an overzealous freelance photojournalists as he struggles to survive an endless stream of zombies.Players will have full reign of a realistic shopping center, utilizing anything they find to fight off the flesh-hungry mob and search for the truth behind the horrendous epidemic.They went shopping, now they’re rotten - Next generation ““swarm”” technology surrounds you with hundreds of on-screen zombies to hack, drive and run through.Lawn mower death - If you can pick it up, you can use it. Over 250 items to cause mayhem with include skateboards, severed arms and circular saws.72 hour countdown - You decide how to play, as events unfold in the mall. Help other survivors, find the source of the outbreak - or just hide yourself away in a cupboard.”