Celestron StarSense Explorer LT127AZ

Celestron StarSense Explorer LT127AZ
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Brand: Celestron
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STARSENSE EXPLORER™ LT 127AZ SMARTPHONE APP-ENABLED NEWTONIAN REFLECTOR TELESCOPEUnleash the power of your smartphone to take you on a guided tour of the night sky—no telescope experience required.Award-winning and patent-pending StarSense sky recognition technology uses your smartphone to analyze star patterns overhead and calculate its position in real time.StarSense Explorer app automatically generates a list of objects currently visible. View planets, brighter nebulae and galaxies, star clusters, and double stars from the city. Or take your telescope to darker skies to view faint, deep sky objects.Manual altazimuth mount with altitude slow motion adjustment with a sliding rod makes it easy to follow the on-screen arrows to your desired target. When the bullseye turns green, it’s ready to view in the telescope’s eyepiece.127mm (5”) Newtonian reflector with highly reflective coatings and enough light gathering ability to view all the best celestial objects.Includes 25mm and 10mm eyepieces, 2x Barlow Lens, StarSense smartphone dock, a red dot finderscope (in case you want to use the telescope without your phone), and a full-height tripod.Everything You Need to Observe ImmediatelyWhen you unbox your new StarSense Explorer LT, you’ll find:127mm Newtonian reflector optical tubeStarSense dock for your smartphoneLow powered (25mm) and high powered (10mm) eyepiece2x Barlow lens to double the power of each eyepieceStarPointer red dot finderscope, perfect for using the telescope during the day or without the StarSense Explorer appAltazimuth mount with slow motion control rodFull-height tripod with an accessory tray to keep you organizedEAN: 050234224536