Celestron - NexYZ 3 Cellphone Adapter

Celestron - NexYZ 3 Cellphone Adapter
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Brand: Celestron
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Celestron - NexYZ 3 Cellphone AdapterWith the cleverly constructed, easy to use Celestron NexYZ adaptor you can connect any smartphone to a telescope, spotting scope, binocular, monocular or microscope, letting you capture images and videos of whatever object you are observing!Fits just about anythingNexYZ fits any eyepiece with a diameter from 35 mm to 60 mm, including telescopes with 1.25” and 2” eyepieces.NexYZ will also attach to microscopes with the addition of an included adapter ring, which brings the usable diameter down to 25 mm, the size of a standard microscope eyepiece. A strong spring and a threaded twist lock provide a secure grip on the optical instrument’s eyepiece so you can operate your smartphone with confidence.Note: NexYZ is not constructed for use on riflescopesUniversal smartphone compatibilityNexYZ accommodates a huge range of smartphones. The phone platform is fully adjustable and can fit any device, usually with the case still on. Even plus size models like the iPhone 8 Plus and latest Samsung Galaxy devices work perfectly. The secure platform stands up to the weight of these heavier devices with ease.NexYZ’s simple spring-loaded clamps make it easy to remove the device and replace it with another in seconds. That makes the NexYZ the ideal solution for stargazing parties and group bird walks where everyone wants their own shot of the action.Easy as X-Y-ZWhat makes NexYZ different from other smartphone adapters? The ultra-precise, very fast three-axis adjustment!Most adapters rely on you placing your phone perfectly on the platform and only offer limited adjustment in two axes. But NexYZ gives you the power to place your phone on the platform, center it over the eyepiece with the X and Y knobs, and then move up or down over the eyepiece until you have the entire field of view in your shot.The process only takes about 30 seconds, from the moment you insert the phone into NexYZ until you are ready to start photographing with your preferred app!You can also switch your image from portrait to landscape simply by turning the padded eyepiece clamp and readjusting the X, Y, and Z axis to realign your phone with the eyepiece.FeaturesUniversal smartphone compatibility, including plus size modelsNo need to remove any caseThree directional knobs (X, Y, and Z axis) that perfectly align your phone’s camera with the eyepiece in secondsRobust, durable construction with a metal frame and polymer bodyEAN: 050234810555 / 81055