Bialetti - Soft Cream Milk Frother 150ML/300ml - Red (4431)

Bialetti - Soft Cream Milk Frother 150ML/300ml - Red (4431)
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Bialetti
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With Bialetti’s electric milk froth you can easily heat the milk for your cappuccino or latté. With a single tap, you have warm and creamy milk. The jug goes off automatically.Combined with a Bialetti espresso jug, espresso machine, Pour Over or punch jug.Quickly and easily prepare your ToGo coffee in the morning to bring in your hand on the way to work.Useful information about Bialetti Soft Cream Electrisk Milk Frother150ml warm milk with cream on top.300ml heating for hot milk without milk foam.Contains 2 whips (latte & cappuccino).Transparent lid so you can follow the process.Turns off automatically.Non-stick coating for easy cleaning.