Bialetti - Moka Express 3 Cup - Emotion Red (5292)

Bialetti - Moka Express 3 Cup - Emotion Red (5292)
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Brand: Bialetti
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Does your coffee experience need a retro upgrade? Here is the 8-sided espresso pot from Bialetti, for you who can not get enough glamor in everyday life.Italy has just always had control over how to make a good cup of coffee, and ever since 1933 they have been able to use the original 8-sided Bialetti Moka Express moka pot, of which you can now also become the proud owner. The espresso pot brews 3 cups of delicious espresso coffee - super fast and without the use of expensive machines. Pour water into the lower container and fill the funnel-shaped filter with ground espresso coffee, screw the top well onto the lower container and place the espresso pot on the heat source. Once the top is filled with coffee, your brewing is done and you can enjoy a good, classic cup of espresso coffee, just like they did in the good old days.If you want a simpler but much more glamorous way to brew your morning coffee, then this espresso pot is just for you.Useful information about Bialetti Moka Express:Brews exactly 3 cups (neither fewer nor more)Important: Can not be used for induction