Bakers Rewards Variety 100g

Bakers Rewards Variety 100g
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Brand: Wowcamping
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BAKERS Rewards Variety are delicious dog treats which come in chicken, beef & lamb flavours that your adult dog will love. These satisfying dog treats don’t just taste great — as well as getting tails wagging, they contain a range of vitamins and nutrients to help keep your friend in great shape. Scrummy! Each delicious stick contains chicken, beef or lamb and breaks apart so you can reward your dog every day whether you’re out for a walk or rewarding them indoors. Rewards Variety treats for dogs contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help with the maintenance of their healthy skin and glossy coat. We add antioxidants and vitamins to support their good health, and each tasty piece is high in protein — which is important in the maintenance of your dog’s strong muscles. A handy resealable bag means the fresh taste will be preserved for longer, so your friend can enjoy his dog treats each and every time. Each treat is truly satisfying and you’ll know his treats contain plenty of goodness, too!