Babytrold - Foldable Bath - White and Pink

Babytrold - Foldable Bath - White and Pink
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Brand: Babytrold
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Foldable and spacious bathtub that is easily to fold out and pack away, which means that it is possible to save space in the bathroom. The minimal size in the folded state means that the bathtub can both be hung in a hook and stored behind a door or on a cupboard. This bathtub is equipped with a heat-sensitive stopper, which changes color to white if the water is too hot for the child. The bathtub can be used for newborns and until the child becomes too big for the bathtub.The folding bathtub has a practical design that is suitable for narrow places where the space requires maximum utilization or for traveling families. The legs of the bathtub are equipped with non-slip rubber, which ensures that the bathtub is fixed on all smooth surfaces. The folding bathtub from Babytrold is produced from safe materials and is free of phthalates and heavy metals, which makes bathing risk-free.Product Info:Foldable bathtub from BabytroldSpaciousEasy to fold and pack awayCan be stored behind a cupboard or doorHeat-sensitive plug that shows if the water is too hotSuitable for narrow placesNon-slip rubber legsProduced from safe materialsFree of phthalates and heavy metals70 x 41 cm inside80 x 47 cm outsideBabytroldBabytrold is a danish family company, that started develop prams back in 1994. Babytrold keeps developing new products and improves the exciting as well. There product line keeps growing and the past years it has grown with a lot of pram models and baby products. Babytrold knows how important it is to new parents to get the best products for there baby, and that is why Babytrold strives to make the best products for your baby. Transport is a lot more than getting from A to B. When it comes to a car you have a lot of thought regarding security, economy, comfort and design. The same things should be important when you buy a new pram. The European security demands to a pram are strict, but not all lives up to these important demands. That’s why it is important to buy a pram, that meets the European standard EN:1888:2012, which all Babytrold prams is tested and approved by. There is a lot of thoughts in both practical and security details in the development of the wagons. The beautiful and comfortable design is just a pleasing contribution to your daily stroll.