Baby Born - Deluxe Pram (828649)

Baby Born - Deluxe Pram (828649)
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Brand: Baby Born
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Mummy and daddy love to go on long walks with BABY born in the comfortable pram. The doll parents are not the same size. Luckily, the handle is adjustable and can be positioned at pushing heights of between 46 and 77 cm.To make sure BABY born can keep an eye on everything when out and about, she sits up straight in her pram. The back and foot sections are adjustable. If the little one wants to take a nap, it is folded back down and the canopy folded out. The excellent suspension means that BABY born doesn’t wake up on even the roughest paths. If the little sleepyhead is still snoozing when you arrive, you can just remove the baby seat and use it as a carrycot and bed. The pram itself is folded up and put away to save space.Everything you need for a long walk fits in the colourful changing bag. And everything that is collected or bought along the way finds a space in the net under the pram. High-quality accessories for the BABY born branded doll.For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play.Handle height: 46–77 cm.BABY born Deluxe Pram including changing bag.