Baby Annabell - Baby Suits 43cm - Blue (704202)

Baby Annabell - Baby Suits 43cm - Blue (704202)
Categories: Camping, Gear
Brand: Baby Annabell
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Home Love! Annabell and Alexander like to be at home. In front of the terrace is a pink lilac bush, which is completely surrounded by butterflies. Therefore, they put on their baby outfits and sit comfortably in front of the large window to watch the little creatures flying around. On the pink hoodie there are also many butterfly prints, and also on the white jogging pants. The pink hoodie fits well with the trousers in a jeans look. And the comfortable jogging pants match the blue hoodie nicely. Maybe the sheep on the blouse are also trying to attract the butterflies with the flower? Original Baby Annabell high quality clothing that enhances the child’s imagination and stimulates new games. Available in 2 designs. From 3 years. Includes: - Baby Annabell Baby outfit 43 cm with hoodie and pants - hanger