Amino Drive, Sour Apple - 300 grams

Amino Drive, Sour Apple - 300 grams
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Brand: PhD
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The problem with energy is that many of us won’t agree exactly what the word really means. Some will see energy as a quick spike of energy that provides a serious and intense effect for 1-2 hours, then slides away. Others will see it as “being energised” for the full day in a manner that is steady yet drip feeds our body and brain to allow us to focus well on our daily tasks, including the time in the gym. We at PhD believe that there are many different definitions of energy, in the context of your life, be it daily or over a longer period. But the main goal and why we want to be “energised” is to be able to compete and perform at our best. This is where Amino Drive comes into your day. It is a great tasting Amino Acid drink, with added Caffeine that can be used as an all day, anytime energy drink to help fuel your performance goals. It’s not going to spike adrenalin levels (so you hit the roof and then crash hard), neither is it going to “pretend” to give you energy by throwing a ton of sugary carbs down your neck. Containing 7.9g of a performance-driven Amino Acid blend with added Vitamin C (great for helping keep you healthy and able to keep grinding hard in the gym), it’s really a great alternative to Coffee or Tea for those looking for some protein to go with their great tasting, refreshingly cold energy source (you must mix this with ice cold water!). It has a mild caffeine hit to lift energy levels whilst still following a tailored nutritional plan. Formulated for the performance-driven (but also great for those who just want to stay focussed and give their best regardless of whether they are smashing out bench press PB’s or not), Amino Drive contains all 9 essential amino acids, has only 59 calories per serving and tastes great.