ALPINA - Raclette Grill Gourmet Grill 8 Dishes

ALPINA - Raclette Grill Gourmet Grill 8 Dishes
Categories: Camping, Survival
Brand: Alpina
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The 80s have given us many good things and the raclette is no exception! Invite guests home for pure nostalgia and delicious dishes with this ALPINA Raclette.Highlight cozy fellowship and good food with this ALPINA Raclette Grill Gourmet, designed for up to 8 people. It has a grill pan at the top and room for 8 pans in the lower part. Grill and pans all have smart non-stick coating, so you do not have to use oil when grilling meat and vegetables.Product info:Raclette Grill GourmetFor 8 peopleNon-stick, removable grill plateAdjustable thermostatIncludes 8 nonstick pans and 8 spatulasIndication lightEasy to clean